When you join a company most of the time their websites are so overwhelming, your prospects give up looking before contacting you.  They do not request more information about your product or service, which ends up the loss of a sale or recruit.

We are here to help eliminate that from happening by creating a web page that captures their attention and leaves them wanting more.

Branding yourself is very important.  Getting your name out and letting people get to know who you are and that you are committed in helping them succeed.

By creating a website tailored for you with videos of your choice (without copyright) or a personal video you have created can be a big plus.

The monthly service fee is only $7.95 for one page, and just
$2 for each page after that, hosted on our server.  The website includes 1-2 Videos, an “About Me”, a “Self Portrait” and a “Free Form” - where for your prospects fill in information you need in order to contact them.

For the “Free Form” function you must sign up for this free account at 123contactforms.com.  If you have a auto responder account I can add it to the site.  Contact me for pricing on self hosted business websites.

We design websites for individual's on a tight budget, just starting out in their own business.  We offer low cost service, you must get your own hosting.

We offer Wordpress setup, which is a simple way to maintain your website yourself.  By setting up a Wordpress website you have the ability to make changes and or update your site.  Tanning is also available.

Some of the services I can provide for you are:

  1. Capture Pages
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Websites for Individuals, Teams and Groups
  4. Hosting Service for Individuals, Teams and Groups
  5. Personal Business websites where you can do your own hosting account or we can help with that, too.
  6. Graphic Design for Logos, Name Branding and more
  7. Our prices are the best on or offline.

Contact me below and we can work together
to create something fantastic for you or your team.
I enjoy working with people and getting to be creative.


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